Click the link for the instructions for the test that you need first. These files are PDF documents. If you have any trouble viewing or printing these files, visit Adobe's website to download and install the latest version of the free Adobe Reader software. If you still have problems, contact the National Service Center by calling (334) 215-0251 or emailing.

Testing dates for the 2014 convention are February 12-24. All answer sheets must be returned to the coordinator for your convention location and be postmarked no later than February 24, 2014. The instruction sheet includes important information along with the mailing addresses for the coordinators.

Please make sure that you send the answer sheets to the correct coordinator. The answer keys will not be posted until AFTER the testing dates. The links below will be activated on the evening of February 11, the day before testing may begin.

Bible Bowl

Bible Bowl Instruction Sheet with Mailing Addresses

Bible Bowl Answer Key

Bible Bowl Answer Sheet

Bible Bowl Test


Please note that there are two different PEARLS tests. One is for students in grades 3-6 and the other is for grades 7-12. Make sure to give the correct test and answer sheet to the correct students.

Pearls Instruction Sheet with Mailing Addresses

Pearls Answer Key Grades 3-6

Pearls Answer Sheet Grades 3-6

Pearls Test Grades 3-6

Pearls Answer Key Grades 7-12

Pearls Answer Sheet Grades 7-12

Pearls Test Grades 7-12